Regularly placing in best comedy lists, the movie Ghostbusters quickly became a sci-fi comedy classic.  Not only was Ghostbusters funny and smart, it was also clean, something the entire family could get together and enjoy.  Considering how kid-friendly it was, making Ghostbusters into a cartoon series was a great move.

Though adults from the time period might be most familiar with the live action movies, children growing up in the '80s are often even more familiar with The Real Ghostbusters, an animated series based off of the movies. Running for seven seasons and nearly 150 episodes, the Ghostbusters cartoon series imprinted the already interesting and engaging personalities of the movie characters onto children for a much longer time period than even the classic movies could accomplish, simply because viewers were exposed to it at least once a week.

Though the characters' personalities were largely the same in both the movies and the cartoon, many were significantly altered visually, most notably Egon.  Since the toy lines for the Ghostbusters were marketed toward kids instead of adults and children were exposed to the animated series every week rather than once or twice, the cartoon designs were the models used for the toys.

Today, Ghostbusters collectibles can cover a wide range of prices.  Limited edition releases can be surprisingly expensive, especially in the original packaging.  More common releases are generally more affordable, though expect some wear on anything already opened.